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IPTV Solution

Best IPTV Solution around the world

IPTV Solution of SBS establish a new way for operators to generate revenue through VOD, live TV and interactive applications. Bring lots of potential to traditional TV distributors.

IPTV Solution

The solution is based on the data center free.

IPTV provides an integrated platform for simultaneously delivering multiple TV channels over IP protocol to the desktop and television environment.

A single head-end can deliver multiple TV channels and be combined with multiple receiver types to meet a customer’s exact channel line-up.

Interfaces are available for free to air and encrypted signals from a wide range of sources including digital satellite, digital terrestrial, digital cable, component analogue and professional digital private productions, via serial digital interface (SDI) and asynchronous digital interface (ASI), all supported through the IPTV platform either in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD).

Standard based components are used throughout the design to ensure ongoing support and longevity of the platform no matter where the system is deployed.

Management, configuration and monitoring of the head-end are carried out via a simple to use web interface and a information management application and remapping is provided to allow the platform to be used with multiple end-user applications.

A component based design allows customers to increase capacity in a controlled manner to meet the demands of their end-users and, unlike other systems, it’s unique software architecture allows multiple services to operate on the same platform thereby turning the IPTV head-end unit into an Application Server that can also support the other products of our “multiple play” offer if required.

Why SBS IPTV Solution is more popular

SBS IPTV Solution can integrate more features like TV Shopping , Games , VOD.

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