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Digital Video Delivery Infrastructure – Pay TV / DTH / IPTV / OTT

Sinuostech is one of the leading solution providers delivering futuristic DTH/IPTV/OTT solutions. We provide end-to-end pay tv (CAS, SMS, STB, call centre) and free to air solutions for deploying triple play services over broadband networks, IPTV, wireless and other interactive media.

Video Delivery Infrastructure

Are you looking for Digital Video Infrastructure?

Our goal is to create the best and most innovative multi-platform solutions to meet the business model of our customers. We bring the best of TV and internet technologies together in a unified, interactive software platform, enabling businesses to offer attractive, state-of-the-art interactive TV services to consumers, such as electronic program guides, video on demand, interactive gaming, secure shopping and banking on TV, internet access, multimedia mail, and real-time chat on TV.

When you partner with Sinuostech, you can launch and grow your DTH business through solutions that are customized for you. Whether you’re looking to provide high-power Ku-band beams for new platform launches or customized beams so you can optimize and grow an existing platform, Intelsat has you covered. Through Intelsat’s efficient and flexible solutions, you can reach millions of households and accelerate your speed to market.

  • High-power satellite capacity designed to accelerate your go-to-market strategies
  • Ability to move satellite beams and redeploy satellites to new locations enables you to quickly launch new platforms
  • Custom-designed, high-powered payloads on future satellites provide you with optimized long-term growth capabilities
  • Back-up options provide you with guaranteed service continuity for your subscribers
  • Our existing DTH video neighborhoods provide programmers opportunities for instant access to vast audiences
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