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Video over IP Technology

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video over ip

New Era in Broadcasting Industry

We are introducing a new ERA in Broadcasting Industry in Video over IP, SBS Panel is one of the most advantage platform for Broadcasters. From single input broadcasters can send their output to multiple location with different bandwidth is the most advantage of SBS Panel. Also single Input can send to different formats like RTMP,HLS,RTSP,RTP,UDP,SRT,Restreaming to Youtube|Facebook|twitch, Supports various CDN like Akamai|Limelight. SBS panel can act as Encoder and Decoder at same time.

Broadcasters can reduce their satellite or fiber cost  by changing to the Video Over IP. 95% of all Headends are accepting the IP feeds from the broadcasters for carrying the channels in their network. Broadcaster can send their source as SD or HD to any point they required

Costing of IP Delivery

Broadcasters can reduce 70% of their cost after implementing the IP Delivery .

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